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About Us


Well were do i start ? Well we are a small team of 3 who have come together to offer online business opportunities that actually deliver what they say and not scam people out of their hard earned money. We have been in online marketing for the last 7 years and over that time we have seen alot and been involved in a lot of different niches and all sorts of traffic methods.


We have seen and been scammed ourseleves on more than one occasion. The worst thing that i see online is the get rich quick scams all over the net, the big headlines like no work invloved make $500 a day and when you buy their product for $100 or whatever it is you dont even have time to go through it, whys that ? Well after a few days or whatever they will email you with about 3 upsells saying you need this extra to get things to work right or you need this super special software and you will double your money in a week etc etc.


Iv been there and done that im sure you have aswell. We here at the Drop Ship Factory do not sell get righ schemes thats for sure, what we do offer you is a proper business opportunity with little capital to start out. We design you a magento e commerce website with many many extras (Drops Ship Extras) we also partner you with a reliable dropshipper that works with us and has been vetted by us. We also train you how to use your new business website so you dont have to spend any money getting it updated etc etc


If you were talking numbers you would pay £4,000 - £10,000 just for a magento web design then if you were to get the extras that we add you would be taking another £5,000+ as you would need to find a coder to do the job and let him know what you want etc, also if your new to the internet your not going to know what extras to have on your site. The tools we have on the sites are tools we use on our owns websites so they are top quality, then there is the most important part - finding a reliable supplier who isnt going to scam you and your customers, they need to have top prices aswell remember so its easyier for you to make a profitt.


Then once you have all that sorted you need to upload the products to your new site which would cost another £300-£1,000 depending on what sort of feed they have as you may have to get it converted so it uploads to magento without problems and it would depend on how many products are in the feeds aswell, there are so many things to you need to do/learn if you were starting out on your own.


But thats were we come in :) We have already done everything for you, you just need to start to market your new business and we also give you some marketing material to help you with that, one course on google adwords and one course on free marketing tatics, there are no monthly fees with us either and we of course upload your new business to your host which we can sort for you aswell.


Like always if you have any questions please read through our site and then if you have more questions click the live chat button bottom right 10am-6pm UK time at least.


Ryan Kelley


The Drop Ship Factory